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IVV (Interglobe Video Verification)

Interglobe's Video verification (IVV) has been a proven deterrence in curbing crime before it happens! What is the point of having to discover stolen items long after the crime has taken place? Our IVV operators are viewing your property via live feed from your site's CCTV system! As the crime is in progress our operators are verifying the activity resulting in quick and swift action by the authorities! The end results are immaculate benefiting you from monetary losses and production downtime. Many of us know property crime feeds repeat offenders and with IVV watching, there is hardly a second chance from the same offender, soon the word is out to local criminal groups to stay away from IVV patrolled sites!

We have several forms of the IVV Technology

We can live feed from clients existing CCTV systems

Based on clients property specifications we can install our professional CCTV products at any existing property with little as basic power

Remote CCTV placements via our Secure Mobile Units (SMU) Best for public events and temporary sites. These units are powered from low DB generators and on-board solar b/u power supplies with live video feed to our IVV statition via LTE networks. SMU units mast can reach up to 3 stories high allowing birds eye view of crowds below and distances up to a block and beyond with our PTZ cameras technology


  • Law enforcement mobile surveillance
  • Construction job site security
  • Sporting and public events safety
  • Vacant property management
  • DUI checkpoints
  • Road construction monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Parking lots security
  • Airports security
  • Ports and harbors
  • Incident areas
  • Critical infrastructure security
  • Border security

Let our professional IVV trained staff secure your hard earned investment. Call our office at 604-572-0144 for further information.