Central Vacuums

central vacuums service

Interglobe Security sells and installs most major brands of central vacuum systems available on the market.

Why Central Vacuums?

  • Healthy Air
    Central vacuum systems totally eliminate the re-circulation of dirty air inside your living area. All the hype about allergens, including dust mites is true! Read what the EPA, American Lung Association, US News and World Report, and others have to say. The long term health benefits are amazing.
  • Vacuum Power
    With 3-5 times more cleaning power than most portable vacuum cleaners you get a superior clean in less time. Since the central vacuum is located in the garage or basement it can have bigger heavier motors. This power will give a deep down clean and pick up that thread you usually have to go over three times to pick up. The standard model recommended has an airflow of 185 cfm (cubic feet per minute), compared with 60 to 90 cfm from a portable.
  • Convenience
    Just connect the lightweight hose to any conveniently located inlet. No heavy unit to pull, push or drag up stairs, no switches, and no electrical cords to keep tripping over.
  • Home Value
    As with other built-in appliances, investing in a central vacuum system increases the market value of your home. For less than the cost of the high-end portable vacuum, you can buy a central vacuum and watch the resale value of your home go up around $2,000 when appraised. So, whether your home is already built or under construction, a central vacuum can be installed easily and cost effectively
  • Less Noise
    Eliminates the loud, irritating noise of portable vacuum cleaners because the power unit is not only acoustically insulated, it is also located outside your living area. Important phone calls will be heard, the baby will sleep peacefully, and the favorite TV program will not be disturbed.
  • Versatility
    Dozens of attachments designed to clean any type of surface: carpeting, wood and tile floors, draperies, furniture, crevices, corners, staircases, ceiling fans, miniblinds, cars, etc.
  • Cost Savings
    Saves you money by greatly prolonging the life of your carpeting, drapes and furniture due to the increased, deep-down cleaning power. A central vacuum is one of the best investments you can make in your home.