Statiscal Information

Story of The Burglar

This story is designed to give you a brief description of who the average burglar is in rural neighborhoods. It is based on a compilation of statistical information.

The average burglar lives within a 5-block radius of your home. They break in, searching for cash, cheques, credit cards, and jewelry. How they attempt to break in varies.

Statistics tell us 80% of the time the attempt is made through a door and 20% through a window. Second floor windows account for only 2% of the 20% of window attempts. Generally, windows that are accessible from low lying roof lines where it doesn't take a ladder to get to.

Regardless of how they gain entry, their first move is straight to the master bedroom. Most home owners leave their cash, cheques, credit cards and jewelry in their master bedrooms. Keep in mind, it doesn't matter whether you actually have those valuables or even if they're in that location that is where they are going to look first.

Once in the bedroom, the burglar will remove the pillowcase and stuff all the goodies in the bag. They are in your home for approx. 4 to 8 minutes. When they are done, they can walk down the street and fit right in with the neighborhood.

Knowing this story should be the building blocks of your security system. Build it around what you now know!

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