Today, the demands placed on pre-wiring are greater than ever before as lifestyle and home designs evolve. More people want to network computers, access the Internet, watch satellite TV, automate their home, protect it with a security system and enjoy audio throughout the entire house.

In addition to the above our specialists can create a local area network (LAN) throughout your house, bringing multiple telephone jacks, cable hookups and standard outlets to each and every room in your home. For the first time, you will access all your electronics through one multifunctional outlet and enable multiple capabilities conveniently. You will be able to enjoy the advantages of a complete in-home computer network that enables all users within the home to share printers, scanners, high-speed cable modem connections, online gaming & room to room gaming, etc.

Although our most commonly sought-after service is the pre-wiring for burglary alarm systems, we are available for all of the above wiring services as well. Call us today, and we will make your new home ready for the future.