Guard Services

secguard service

While offering state of the art electronic solutions to your security needs, Interglobe Security's Uniformed Guards can be deployed to client demands in several forms or combinations providing numerous security related services. These services include everything from preventing theft and criminal activity to protecting highly valued assets, to preventing unwanted access, to watching over an Estate or home.

Our Uniformed Guards are deployed at Auto Malls, Shopping Malls, Trailer Parks, RV Sites, Construction Sites and many other shapes and sizes of business.

Our Guard patrol has been a proven fact for the many business we patrol. Besides the social benefits of having protection by Interglobe Security, the effects for some of our clients have gone straight to their bottom-line; typically by reducing theft, and lowering insurance premiums.

Interglobe Security Guard Patrol services are available 24hours a day 7 days a week.

Our experienced management team can design a customized security program to match any budget. You will not find a security company as committed to your needs as Interglobe Security. Call us for your on site no obligation Guard Patrol evaluation.