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Interglobe Security specializes in installation of high quality customized video surveillance systems. We have dedicated our firm to helping our customers improve their operations and minimize risks. Our ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction. We take the time to evaluate your needs and objectives. Then we provide a 'Loss Prevention Solution' that integrates all aspects of the overall operational plan including the hardware and software components, the facility and layout design, as well as the requirements of your personnel.

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Our products and services are used in a broad variety of security, surveillance and monitoring applications. We help you to make the right choices for your specific needs. We help to identify your requirements, analyze your concerns and evaluate your operations to determine an effective solution to meet your objectives.

Digital Video Recorders

System Design:


Security cameras are installed in the areas of concern. A data cable is connected to the camera and the cable is ran back to the on-site computer and connected to the inputs provided by our capture cards which are installed in the computer Remote Connections.

Company Network:

The system allows you to connect the video processor to a companies network and load our work station software on other PC's connected to the network. The work station software requires each user to sign on with a name and password. The password allows a system administration to control each users access to specific cameras and individual system functions. This design allows the video processor to be installed in a secure server room or electrical closet but have the convenience of accessing and managing the system right from your office PC.

Broadband Internet:

With DSL or cable, the on-site video processor is connected to the internet through the network connection on the back of the processor. The internet provider will assign an address to you for that connection called and IP address or number. The video processor can then be accessed using nothing more than a remote PC or a mobile app connected to the internet and opening your web browser (ie: Internet explorer) and typing in the IP address. If the password features are enabled the user will be required to type in their User Name and Password before access is granted.